When creating your campaign you have a few options to set up your campaign:

Select a video from the slider or add a video manual by adding the video URL or ID after clicking the 'Add video manually' button.

Campaign active
When set to active the campaign will run until max views are reached or as long as there are credits available when auto-refill is enabled. You can't edit running campaigns, so you have to set it to inactive in the campaign overview before you can edit.

This is the total amount of viewers you would like us to send to your video.

The slider can set the amount in steps of 10, but you are free to enter a different number in the input field at the end of the slider.

View length (sec)
This is the minimum amount of time a view should be. You can set this in steps of 30 with a minimum of 60. The higher you set this, the more expensive a view will be. We advise a minimum length of 70% of the total video length for best results.

When running the campaign we'll add a random number on top of this number, so not all views are exactly the same in length. This way the views look more natural and are less likely to get removed.


This will prioritize your campaign before the campaigns of other users who haven't enable this option.


We'll remove de referer header before we send a viewer to your video. This way Youtube can't detect from which website a user comes, so it can't detect that you use Viewtrader. So this will prevent Viewtrader to show up in the Youtube analytics.

Auto refill credits
When a campaign is running out of credits when it's active, we'll automatically add enough credits for 5 views if available within your account. This way you can don't have to add credits manually when a campaign runs out and you can run campaign side by side while you are still earning credits. Even if you haven't enough credits to run your campaign as long as you would like at the time you created it.