1. From your logged in account, click on the 'Social accounts' dropdown and select 'Add account'.

2. A popup wil open where you can select the social media platform of your choosing.

3. Select the authentication method, oAuth or only validation if available.

4A. If you chose 'Only validation': Enter your Youtube channel id. This is the last part of the youtube URL (after /channel/) Click on Search.

4B. If you chose 'oAuth' you will be redirected to Youtube and you can complete the process there. After you're done there you will be redirected back to Viewtrader.

5A. Is the following search result correct? The click on Yes

6A. You will be given a unique code to add to your Youtube channel description. We'll use this to verify your ownership of the channel. Add the code to your channel description and click on Verify.

7A. After verification has succeeded your channel is linked to your account.