How it works

  1. Select 'Boost campaigns -> Comment campaigns' form the left menu
  2. If you have added you Youtube channel you can select a video from the slider. Otherwise you can enter the video url.
  3. Start typing your fist comment.
  4. Add more comment with the button 'Add another comment' in the bottom right.
  5. When you add a campaign after the first, you can insert all previous made comments with the button 'Import earlier used comments'. So no need to create the same comments again and again.

Earn credits by placing comments

  1. Select 'Place comments' under 'Earn credits' from the left menu.
  2. A commenting toolbar wil open at the bottom. The application will look for a comment from the queue.
  3. Follow the 3 steps, which can be found on the right side, by clicking them in that order.
    1. Copy comment: This will copy the comment to your clipboard
    2. Place comment: This wil open the youtube website in a second window. Place the comment.
    3. Verify: This will verify if the comment is placed. If so you will get a success message and the button turns green.
  4. The next comment from the queue will be automatically loaded.

Just like viewing videos, you can keep browsing our website. The toolbar stays active and usable until you close it by pressing the 'X' in the top right or when you manually refresh the page (which is no need for).

Costs / earnings

  • Base cost for comment campaigns is 25 credits + account type price factor (x2.0, x1.6, x1.2)
  • You earn 25 credits for every comment you place