How it works

  1. Select 'Boost campaigns -> Like campaigns' form the left menu
  2. Click on the 'Add campaign' button in the top right corner
  3. If you have linked your Youtube channel you can select a video from your channel
  4. Select a like amount and save the campaign

Earn credits by liking videos

  1. In order to like videos you need to link your Youtube account. This way we can check if you liked a video and if you keepit liked.
  2. Select 'Like' under 'Earn credits' from the left menu.
  3. A like toolbar will open at the bottom. The application will look for a video from the queue
  4. Follow the 2 steps, which can be found on the right side, by clicking them in that order
    1. Go to video: This will open the Youtube video in a second window. Like the video and close the window
    2. Verify: This will verify if you liked the video. If so you will get a success message and the button turns green
  5. The next video from the queue will be automatically be loaded if available.

Important to know: We will keep checking if you are still liking the video. If not, we will refund all credits + 20% fee and your account will get a strike. After 5 strikes your account will be terminated. So keep the videos liked!

Just like viewing videos, commenting and subscribing, you can keep browsing our website. The toolbar stays active and usable until you close it by pressing the 'X' in the top right or when you manually refresh the page (which is no need for).

Please be aware of the BETA status of this service. If you have any problems using this or found any bugs, please let us know.

Costs / earnings

  • Base cost for like campaigns is 50 credits + account type price factor (x2.0, x1.6, x1.2)
  • You earn 50 credits for every video you like